Pastelli Hand Cream 30ml
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Pastelli Hand Cream 30ml

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A 100% Made in Italy rich and easily-absorbed cream with an effective selective action to restoring the skin damaged by the constant use of gloves.


The thin layer of skin coating the back of the hands is constantly submitted to the effects of ultraviolet radiation, chemicals and the weather. As a consequence, over the years it tends to develop brown spots, become thinner and show early signs of aging. To prevent these unsightly effects of time, it is essential to spend a few minutes every day to taking care of your hands. Our Hand Remedy contain absolutely no *preserving agents, but only extremely high-performance active ingredients of plant origin.

-green tea extract: for its antioxidant, blood vessel protecting and anti-free radical properties;
-Argan Oil emollient and restoring effect
-orange extract: rich in essential vitamins, it stimulates epithelial turnover, empowers the immune defenses of the skin’s hydro-lipid barrier, and combats oxidation and free radicals;
-lemon extract: with moisturizing properties and, thanks to the vitamin C, it has a whitening and exfoliating action increasing the cell turnover and improving the skin’s firmness and elasticity;
-watercress extract with added genistein: selectively reduces discoloration and brown spots.
-Mandelic Acid with keratolyc effect


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